2006ALead Free Flux Cored Wire Solder

Standard typeFeaturing both excellent initial wettability and solder workability.
Can be used for a wide variety of soldering applications.

Outstanding solder workability.

We carried out testing in extremely harsh conditions with the soldering iron tip at 430℃, and the result showed that the adoption of the new activation agent helped significantly improve solder workability and inhibit the formation of solder bridges or icicles.

  • 2006A
  • Equivalent products from other manufacturers.
Test conditions
Pull speed: 7 mm/sec
Solder dispensing amount: 20 mm/line
Solder wire diameter: Φ 0.8 mm
Flux content: 3%
Soldering iron tip temperature: 430℃

Initial wettability improved significantly

Initial wettability (melting speed) is now improved thanks to the improvement in flux. Excellent workability even at low temperatures.

  • 2006A
  • Equivalent products from other manufacturers.
0.00 seconds 2.96 seconds 3.33 seconds 3.70 seconds
Test conditions
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