RMA-ZLead Free Flux Cored Wire Solder

High reliability and high workabilityEquivalent to RMA flux grade, ensuring high reliability
while maintaining high workability.
Also featuring scorch inhibiting effect
on flux residue

High level of workability

Improved activation of the flux enables easy separation of the soldering iron even at high temperatures of the tip, inhibiting formation of icicles.

Soldering iron tip temperature : 420℃
  • RMA-Z: No icicle is formed.
  • Conventional products: Icicle is formed.

Burn prevention of flux residue

By having improved the heat resistance of the flux, to reduce the burn occurrence of flux residue by heating. Excellent finish.

Comparison of heat resistance (Sodering iron tip temperature: 450℃)
  • RMA-Z: No burn is observed.
  • Conventional products: Some burns are observed.
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